Our Top 10 Vegetarian Pantry Staples

You just decided to go vegetarian.腌肉不见了,汉堡馅饼不见了,,你的全部食谱都不见了啊!哦,天哪。So what to eat now?This is exactly what this list is here to help you with.Here I list my must-have vegetarian staples that will make sure you can always whip up something tasty and nutritious.And of course,我会帮你找到一些食谱的灵感!啊!

Hauke 🙂



必威手机投注鹰嘴豆真棒!美味的,versatile and高蛋白高纤维.极好的肉类替代品。请结账必威手机投注Chickpea Curry,which is one of our most popular recipes ever.还要确保尝试这个超级快必威手机投注Chickpea Spinach Salad. You can also买干鹰嘴必威手机投注豆and then use anInstant Potto prep them.比罐头便宜得多,而且非常快!啊!



我保证我的储藏室里总有燕麦。If there's nothing at home,at least I can prep a quick porridge or a few batches of隔夜燕麦– and they're even healthy!燕麦也是我的主食,because they're relatively high in protein (13g per 100g).



There are various reasons why coconut milk is awesome,但对我来说,最大的肯定是制作咖喱的可能性。哦,伙计,how I love curry.Just throw in some veggies,加入香料和椰奶bam,你吃饭了。Check out this椰子咖喱as an easy example.

4.Basic Spices Starter Set

Basic Spices Starter Set

Indeed,没有香料的咖喱。I have been to friend's places where I could choose between cinnamon and pepper.这样做很难使食物有趣。If that feels familiar,just get a basic stock of spices in your pantry.哦,and to make curry quickly,but really tasty,使用粘贴!啊!我家里有这个.

5.Vegetable Broth

Vegetable Base

当然,there are voices who say broth is too processed and therefore shouldn't be used.The problem: to make your own broth takes ages.And omitting broth only works if you really know what you're doing in the kitchen.就个人而言,I think a good quality vegetable broth should be a staple in every kitchen,这样你就可以做出如此美味的菜肴了辣黑豆汤几分钟之内。



我用特级纯橄榄油做沙拉酱、蘸酱或调味汁。它处理得较少,因此比它更苦。regular"橄榄油。You can use it for frying and cooking,但是它的烟点较低。That means it's not suitable for high heat cooking (like stir-fries).最好选择好的花生油或普通橄榄油。也,try not to use too many cheap refined oils like sunflower or canola oil.They're quite unhealthy.Bottom line: I use extra virgin olive oil,因为它比其他大多数油更健康。



The popularity of coconut oil really exploded in the past couple of years,不是吗?I have the feeling you can find it in every second pantry at the moment.我用它来代替黄油做薄饼,because it works well with sweet recipes (unlike olive oil).Try frying our insanely quick香蕉蛋饼with coconut oil for a delicious example.


Organic Quinoa

大多数像晚餐我准备的菜肴含有一部分碳水化合物含量高的食物。And usually it's either quinoa,rice or pasta that you'll find in my pantry.从健康的角度来看,奎奴亚藜是我的最爱——而且它的蛋白质含量也很高(每100克14克)。创造美味Buddha Bowls甚至早餐Porridge""with it!啊!



I know I'm going broad in points 8.and 9.– but hey,排名前10,所以我必须使它们合身;-)。无论如何,我确实认为疯了,尤其是杏仁应该是素食者的主食。You can add them to breakfast oats,salads,烙饼,smoothies or munch as a snack.除了美味之外,它们还含有健康的脂肪和丰富的蛋白质。杏树,for example,clock in at21g of protein per 100g-一点也不坏!在我的厨房里,我总是有几个装满各种坚果的罐子。As always,节制是关键——一天几两份就足够了。


Almond Milk

I'm going to close the top 10 with non-dairy milk.Many vegetarians will notice they end up eating more dairy 必威中文官网products after they've stopped eating meat – mostly because it's such an easy and tasty substitute.为了减少牛奶的摄入量,我主要改喝非牛奶。There are many very tasty and affordable options out there.如果你买soy milk,确保它是非转基因生物。就个人而言,我配燕麦牛奶,杏仁奶,rice milk and soy milk.

Get your vegetarian pantry stocked up with the ingredients above and you always can create a tasty meal.Even better if you happen to have some fresh ingredients at home as well – you'll be able to knock up some incredibly tasty meals then!For that,please check out我们的食谱部分也是。

Honorable mentions

正如它经常与前10名名单一样,我不得不淘汰一些心爱的主食储藏室配料。我想说,有时他们肯定会进入前十,but hey,times change.不管怎样,我的厨房里也经常有这些配料。



地球上很少有人不喜欢花生酱。Those probably onlylike是的。或者他们讨厌它,because they're allergic to peanuts and therefore incredibly sad they can't eat it.如果你确保买到质量上乘的花生酱,不加盐或糖,你就可以得到每百克蛋白质25克的健康食品。Check out this incredibly tastypeanut butter salad啊!啊!

White Beans

Yes,豆子真棒,可能和鹰嘴豆一样可怕。必威手机投注但是鹰嘴必威手机投注豆现在很好吃,so beans have to take the back seat for now.大多数豆子喜欢肾,黑白豆在干燥时含有大约22g的蛋白质,比许多肉类要高得多。买罐装豆子显然是个方便的方法,但是你也可以买干豆and then use anInstant Potto prep them.比罐头便宜得多,而且非常快!哦,看看这道美食白豆酱as an awesome place to start!啊!


Red Lentils

扁豆和豆子一样有趣,一些品种如红扁豆和棕扁豆有一个主要的好处:你可以在20分钟内准备好,不需要预煮!How awesome is that?They clock in at around 25g of protein on 100g when they are dry – even better than beans!Along with 必威手机投注chickpeas and beans you're extremely well equipped in the legume department if you add lentils in as well.

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

所以事情是这样的:人们喜欢说他们不使用任何糖。但是他们家里有一加仑枫糖浆。I'm one of them.Though let's be honest,枫糖浆不比味道好的糖多多少少,还含有一些额外的营养——这就是为什么这是我现在最喜欢的甜味剂。在我们的上面加点枫糖浆农家干酪煎饼,you'll see why they're so popular!啊!

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